Streetreach provided shelter for 22 veterans in 2019
Streetreach was able to get 3 vehicles donated to our veterans during the year. 

 Supportive Services for Veterans Program

 If you are in crisis, call the 24/7 confidential Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255.
If you are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, please call the 24/7 National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 1-877-424-3838 for more resources.

The Streetreach volunteers work to locate rapid rehousing and homeless prevention services for veteran families experiencing homelessness or who are at imminent risk of homelessness.These services include but are not limited to:
  • One-on-one case management to develop a housing stability plan addressing issues such as employment, connections to VA and medical benefits as well as other mainstream community resources, financial planning, transportation and child care;
  • Referral assist to appropriate VA organizations
  • Homeless prevention: assists households to maintain housing when at imminent risk of eviction, providing short-term rent assistance, case management, and connection to legal assistance for landlord/tenant issues.
 Eligibility Criteria:
  • A single veteran or a veteran family that is homeless in which the head of household or the spouse or significant other of the head of household is a veteran;
  • Discharge status of anything other than dishonorable;
  • Resident of Brunswick County
  • Currently homeless and seeking housing within 90 days;
  • At imminent risk of homelessness, based on assessment;
  • Not receiving other re-housing or rent subsidy program assistance.

Homeless Veterans

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs – Homeless Veterans

Comment from one of our Veterans sheltered:   
“I am humbled, appreciative and grateful. My service was during Vietnam when many people, including some of our own family members, opposed the war. When we returned, many of us were alone at the airports. To now be viewed in a positive light is gratifying. We thank those who appreciate our service, because the price of freedom is always high.”  W. Blackmon