E.O.S. Program

Churches are turned into temporary shelters, providing services on the average of 3-5 days.

 Interfaith Community Services


The Emergency Overnight Sheltering  Program  (EOS) is in place to provide the homeless men and women in our area a free, safe, clean place to bathe, sleep, receive an evening meal, breakfast & bagged lunch following day,  and gain  access to free resources in Brunswick County. Two volunteers stay overnight with the guest and one remains awake at all times for safety reasons. 

A Typical Day at StreetReach:


5:00-6:00 p.m.     Check-in at church host site (identification is required)
                              In-take & assessment for needs is completed by ministry leaders for week.                                             Evening dinner host prepare meal.

6:00-7:00 p.m.      Dinner and Fellowship time. Clean up from dinner and preparation for breakfast &                                lunch bags is done. Items laid out for next day.

7:00-8:00 p.m.      Wash up / clean up (churches that are equipped with showers allow homeless                                        guest to use at this time.)

8:00 p.m.               All doors secured and no one enters or leaves!  Guest that exit church host site                                  after doors are secured  may not re-enter.  This is for the safety of all.

8:00-10:00 p.m.    FREE TIME!

10:00 p.m.              Lights Out / Quiet Time

Next Morning

7:00 a.m.             Wake-up Call / Coffee made 
                             Simple breakfast served (danishes, fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice, oatmeal, etc)
                             Bagged lunch or food card provided 

8:00 a.m.             Exit ( all guest are asked to clean up their personal area, leave the church                                      property, and may return at 5 p.m.)

Please Note:  Oftem temperatures in the winter are below freezing and homeless guest do not have any place to go during daytime hours, if you are church facility without high volume of traffic please consider allowing guest to stay later or some form of intervention. 
If you could see the pain and heartache in the eyes of hungry, homeless, hopeless people that come to us each and every day, you would understand why we never stop our work.  We know firsthand that many in our surrounding neighborhoods are desperate for a place to lay their head for the night.  We want to do all we can to help.  Will you please pray that our emergency overnight program will go year round? 
As long as there are hurting souls in the area, Brunswick County Streetreach will not rest.  It is our passion.  We are committed to doing the most good with every gift we receive from generous people like you.  It is because of your caring hearts that the homeless in our communities are receiving food, clothing, emergency shelter and love.  You are helping to restore lives. Thank you all for bringing hope.

And as we are meeting the needs of the homeless, we must NEVER let it take precedence over sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!