Use of The Brunswick County Streetreach, Inc (BCSTR) name or logo for any purpose without the expressed written consent of BCSTR Board of Directors is strictly prohibited.

Brunswick County Streetreach, Inc (BCSTR) prohibits the use of all information contained on their website and/or social media outlets (including but not limited to; event details, host site listings, etc) without the expressed written consent of BCSTR Board of Directors.

Only Brunswick County Streetreach, Inc (BCSTR) Board of Directors may grant or determine the use (in writing) of our name or logo on clothing or on items to be sold.

Requests for consent should be submitted to the BCSTR Board of Directors in writing via email: bcstreetreach@gmail.com or by mail to: PO Box 1331 Shallotte, NC 28459.

Due to safety and liability issues we do not transport homeless guests to church host sites.  They are responsible for their own transportation.  We are however, currently working on coordinating other resources.

During the times that NO host sites are available, we have no alternative but to refer individuals to the surrounding shelters across North Carolina and South Carolina. We are currently seeking ways for this to be a year-round  program. We apologize! However, at this time there are NO homeless shelters, NO half-way houses, NO transitional homes for ex-offenders or the homeless in our county. We ask you to please pray about this great need, and how we can come together as a community to offer more programs in these areas.


We only disclose homeless guest information gathered at host sites to individuals, churches or agencies that are providing direct services to the guest.  We try to the best of our ability to respect and safeguard the privacy of all involved in receiving services.