Who do I call if I know someone who needs shelter?
BC Streetreach (910) 842-2711 – you will get a recorded message – please allow a few hours for a response. You may also contact the Shelter Captain listed for that weeks host site or drop-in at site.  The host site schedule is located on our website.

If you have an emergency situation with a homeless individual, please call 911
Who do I contact if I want to volunteer at a host site?
Contact the Church Shelter Captain listed for that host site. The host site schedule is located on our website, or call (910) 842-2711
Volunteers are always welcomed. Must be 21 years or age.
What time is check-in and registration?
Church host sites open their doors for registration from 5pm – 6pm for homeless guests, volunteers should arrive no later than 4:30pm for set-up. No one under 18 allowed to stay.
What happens at check-in registration?
The guests are asked to show an ID, read & sign guest rules/ release forms. Guests may shower (if available at the site), will be served dinner, and given a clean, safe place to sleep for the evening. Men, women, and families are welcome. We respect your privacy and try not to pry in your affairs.  We are here to provide emergency help
Can a guest be refused entry to the host site?
Yes, anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted, also anyone who is under the influence of or has in their possession drugs, alcohol and weapons will not be granted entry.  We have a NO tolerance policy for drugs or violence at any church host site. Anyone with an obvious mental issue will be referred to a more appropriate long-term shelter.
Can a guest have a pet(s) with them at the host site?
No!  This is due to health regulations.
Are families allowed to stay at the host sites?
No - as of July 2014 due to new NC laws and for additional safety reasons we will no longer house children.
Are the homeless guests expected to leave the next day?
Yes, after breakfast, the guests must depart the site (7:30am), but are welcome to return again at check-in time (5pm – 6pm)
Churches must resume their work schedules, day cares & schools-NO guest may remain on property during the day
Will there be volunteers staying on premises after the doors are locked?
Yes--Never no less than 2 (most times 3)
Generally 1 male & 1 female volunteer
What time are the doors of the host site locked for the night?
8pm--some sites may choose to lock doors after registration, churches discretion. After that time, NO ONE enters site without police escort.
What if a guest needs help, is there anyone at the sites that can provide useful information?
Yes, there is a resource sheet available to any guest who requests one. Also volunteers will assist.
Is there transportation available to and from the host sites?
 We are currently working on linking transportation to all our host sites. However, there is NO public transportation system in Brunswick County. Therefore, it is the homeless guest responsibility to get to each church site. Some churches may opt to transport, however BCSTR can not transport due to safety & liability issues!
 The emergency overnigh services are made possible by the generosity of the churches across the community opening their hearts and doors.  These are all safe, clean sites providing temporary emergency shelter and meals ONLY!   They will be glad to refer you to area resources.  Their mission is to sow the seeds of hope, in the hearts of the broken, and to help meet immediate physical needs.


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