Longterm Vision

These are exciting yet challenging times for Building Hope Ministries / BC Streetreach. Homelessness and poverty is increasing countywide, and we stand ready to meet this challenge.

The stereotypes of homelessness are no longer valid. An older man clutching a bottle no longer represents the face of the homeless. Instead, the problems have become more complex: dramatic changes in family structure, limited 
affordable housing, reductions in social services, lack of education and job skills along with the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse have ripped deep into the very fabric of our community. Therefore, the homeless in our community face a multi-faceted set of issues that hold them back from a life of hope and stability.
Where we want to grow!

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Our vision is to eventually have ‘The Bridge to Life Center,’ A place of safety and refuge for those living on the streets.  Not a homeless shelter, but a facility with 4 bedrooms, a kitchen & dining area, a large fellowship / multi-purpose room, a prayer room, laundry room, and a small 2-3 room apartment with office included for Directors to live on site.  

We feel this is a crucial step to improving our capacity to meet the needs of these men, women, children and veterans facing crisis situations in their lives. A place where they can stay up to 60 days while they regroup, seek resources and find employment.
You can help make this facility a reality.

In order to achieve our goal we will need the Brunswick  County community to step forward with generous support. I am both hopeful and confident that we can count on your partnership. We look forward to your participation and your helping us continue to change lives for a brighter tomorrow.


Dinning /teaching area Bedrooms - where families stay together & intack  
 Nursery for Kids 
community room 

Our Vision & Our Dream! A Home for those without!