Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School’s out and the temps are heating up. We will be using the  summer months to connect with the Angel Tree kids in our community via of various water activities and camps.  We will also be reaching out to ensure those struggling in poverty and homelessness have needed food, water and protection from the extreme heat. We are currently seeking gator ads, fresh fruit, and lots of sunscreen. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

People are looking for ways to change their lives and often psychologists or self-help programs are their first choice. While these can offer a measure of change that people need—physical change—Streetreach believes only Christ can offer the spiritual change that people long for deep inside. So in the name of helping  people better their physical lives, Streetreach does not  neglect their higher needs for a supernatural transformation that only comes through Christ. Streetreach uses a holistic approach in helping those struggling in poverty to overcome their situation and to become productive citizens again.

Two of our main goals for 2015...are to bring the faith-based community together to end homelessness and to share the gospel, one life at a time. We have NO paid staff and operate off of 100% volunteers.

We consider it a privilege to sacrificially give back to GOD what HE has so freely given to us. So in order to reach people for Jesus Christ, we will give up the things we love for the things that GOD loves!   We are grateful to our generous donors, and partners who share this vision and make it possible for us to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and shelter the homeless.  To GOD be all the glory for what HE is doing!    Garry

We are currently in need of a volunteer group to paint the front porch of the office and to paint a handicap ramp.  We also are in need of a 12x20 platform to be built. Greatest need at this time is a 6-9  passenger Mini Van. 

Hundreds  will turn to Streetreach for a better future. We can only be here waiting for them with open arms because of you.

When you make our mission your own, through faithful prayers and giving this year ... you will give the hungry and homeless hope through emergency care, safe nights of sleep, life-changing programs and more.

Give today and help end homelessness ... one life, one family at a time!

In 2014 we provided 264 nights of sheltering to the homeless / for 84 different  individuals. From January 2015-April 1,2015 we have spent over $4,200. providing emergency motel rooms for homeless individuals.   Many were families in crisis, some were veterans, some were under-employed, some were struggling with disabilities, etc...

Monday, September 1, 2014

…For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’
Matthew 25:35-36 

The Brunswick County Streetreach is an interfaith organization dedicated to bringing the community together to end hunger and homelessness, one life at a time~~in love, word and deed.
We are a front-line program that addresses the immediate needs of the homeless population in Brunswick County, New Hanover and Horry County, SC. Our clients live in places not meant for human habitation: in encampments, in abandoned buildings, under bridges, in automobiles, and on the street.

Direct assistance. Research. Mobilizing resources. Advocacy. Sharing the Gospel.
These are the tools that BCSTR is using to create lasting change. 
Remember that 100% of your donation will go to help those in need.
BCSTR presents the Gospel to those who are homeless, indigent, or in critical need; to lead them to a saving faith in Jesus Christ; to instill hope and motivation for improving their lives; and to assist them in obtaining the resources necessary to become productive citizens and achieve lasting life recovery from homelessness. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The mission of Streetreach is to reduce homelessness in our community by providing temporary shelter and support services that result in independent living.
Welcome to Brunswick County Streetreach. We are a emergency overnight sheltering program, providing a warm bed, meals, showers,  and a safe place to regroup and locate area resources.

 Tonight, and every night, many individuals, families and even youths are alone and homeless in our neighborhoods. They are desperately searching for HELP!  And we choose not to look away! We choose to care and serve! We are a community response offering &  an alternative to homelessness in our county. It is not the solution to end homelessness...but it is a start! We hope you will join our mission.

 We are all about connecting the homeless to temporary shelter sites provided by local churches.  The Streetreach program currently operates host sites during the coldest months of the year  (November 1 - March 15). However, our vision is for the sheltering program to become year round, as the demand for our services are increasing daily. We also work year round with the homeless across New Hanover, Brunswick County and Horry County, SC. 

BC Streetreach is a non-profit charity. We have no paid staff, we depend 100% on the generosity of the community,volunteers and churches to fund & operate this program. We have never applied for any Federal or State grants, due to we feel God has commissioned the church to meet the needs of the poor...not the government.

The number of individuals that need our help increases daily, yet we remain assured that in answering the call of God to help the needy, we are doing His work and He will bless it. If you know someone living on the streets, in need of temporary shelter, please ask them to call our message center at (910) 842-2711, leave a contact number for a volunteer to return their call. Please allow a 1-3 hour window for a response. As we are often in the mission field.

Please consider inviting a BCSTR representative to speak to your congregation or social group about how they can get involved.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BCSTR Friends & Co-Laborers of HOPE -  BCSTR is an exceptionally cost-effective organization that relies on volunteers and donated in-kind goods for 100% of our operational needs. Through your commitment to walk alongside us, everyone benefits...from the homeless, to saving churches & agencies monies and wasted manpower, to lowering the crime rate, to uniting the faith community. We encourage you to add your voice and get involved. Please note that we are not affiliated with BC Homeless Coalition.  They are a separate non-profit.
Agape International
Building Hope Ministries
Calabash Presbyterian Church
Christian Motorcycle Association 
Coastal Vineyard 
Comfort Socks 
Creative Spirit
Elks Club-Shallotte
First Baptist Church - Shallotte
First Baptist Church - Sunset Harbor
Holden Beach Chapel
Knights of Columbus
Prison Fellowship
Oak Grove Baptist Church 
Oak Island Interchurch Council
Ocean Ridge Charities
Red Ridge Runners
Salvation Army 
Seaside Christian Fellowship
Seaside UMC
Shallotte Presbyterian Church
South Brunswick Interchurch Council
South Brunswick Women's Group
St. Brendan's Roman Catholic Church
St. James The Fisherman Episcopal Church
St. Phillips Episcopal Church
Sunset Harbor Women's Outreach
Shepherd's Assembly
The Greater Federation of Women's Club
Trinity United Methodist Church
Varnam Family Wellness Center 
Widows Mite Experience