Guest Rules

Brunswick County Streetreach, Inc (BCSTR)

Guest Rules / Agreement While Staying at Host Site(s)

Welcome to the Brunswick County Streetreach program. We are please to assist you and hope your stay  will be pleasant. The church staff and volunteers at the site respect your rights and privacy, your safety and well being are a main concern here. For that reason, we ask all 'guests' who use the host site to read this agreement, sign it and obey it. This is for the well being of all involved.

You ( the guest) agree to the following rules and procedures, You:

MUST register with host site and wait for intake interview

MUST have a valid ID ( if no ID it is at the discretion of the Shelter Captain if you may remain at site for the night)

MUST clean up after yourself inside and outside of the church host site. And leave the site premises immediately the next morning. NO HANGING OUT AT THE CHURCH PROPERTY. Due to many of the churches have school going on and business to attend to for the day.

MUST respect other's space at all times! Never invade their sleeping area unless invited by them.

MUST keep your luggage / personal items in your designated area or with you at all times. Church host site is not responsible for items unattended, lost or stolen.

MUST only smoke in designated area. Please clean up after yourself and respect the church property at all times.


MUST NOT take or have food items anywhere except in designated area.

MUST NOT use curse or use foul language any where on the church host site at anytime. After a verbal warning you will be asked to leave the host site, and could result in being banned from site.

MUST NOT be loud while using music devices, should use headphones and the volume should be at appropriate level to not be heard by others.

MUST NOT have cell phones on while inside the church host site. We must be respectful of other guest. May use them outside the site. (unless approved by 'Shelter Captain').


MUST NOT bring onto the church host sites property any alcohol, drugs, weapons, of any kind. NO EXCEPTIONS! YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE SITE AND IF YOU REFUSE LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY!

argue, fight, or be disrespectful to any volunteers or other guest (s) staying at site at anytime. NO VIOLENCE, VERBAL THREATS OR HOSTILE GESTURES TOWARD ANYONE IS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY! YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM USING ANY OF THE HOST SITES!

MUST NOT sleep with member of the opposite sex, including spouses. You must sleep in male / female designated areas. NO EXCEPTIONS! Young children may remain with mother.

MUST NOT bring in any pets of any kind! Pets not allowed on church host site property, unless approved by Pastor / or Shelter Captain.

MUST NOT SEEK FUNDS FROM CHURCH HOST SITE OR PANHANDLE ON CHURCH PROPERTY. They are already graciously opening up the facilities and providing food and shelter to help meet your needs.

Sometimes, photos are taken at church host sites. Not to exploit anyone, but to bring awareness of homeless issue and community needs. We try to the best of our ability to respect everyone. Therefore, upon signing this agreement, unless otherwise noted, you release the right for publication of photos taken at host site to various means of media.

I understand the rules and conditions of my stay at the host site as described above. I also agree to abide by all the rules & policies of conduct as noted or posted at site. I understand that failure to obey the terms of this agreement may result in my loss of privilege to stay at not only this site, but any host site in Brunswick County.

In the event of my experiencing any medical problems while staying at the host site, I hereby authorize the staff / volunteers to call 911 and to obtain medical services for me, at my expense. I also consent to allow the host site or BCSTR to release my personal information in case of emergency to the needed authorities.

I understand that the host site is not responsible for any personal items, lost or stolen items. And I release the church host site, Building Hope Ministries and BC Streetreach, Inc (BCSTR) of any and all liability associated with services received.

I understand that the church host site volunteers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime. Anyone found in violation of any of the above rules will be asked to leave the site. The violation will be documented in writing and forward to 'Garry Phelps' @ Streetreach to pass on to all sites. Therefore if you are suspended from one site, then you are restricted from using the other sites across the county.

I understand by reading and signing this form that I understand, agree to abide by the policies for the safety and welfare of myself / or family and others.

(Guest Name Printed / Signature / Date)

(Host Site Witness Name Printed / Signature / Date)

Approved / Revised 11/01/15
We will try to the best of our ability to not release any information received from guest, we only allow disclosure to persons or agencies providing ongoing services to you. We want to respect your privacy as much as possible.

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