Meeting Needs

Meeting the Needs of the Homeless and At-Risk

We at BC Streetreach are profoundly burdened for the disadvantaged in our community.  We do not operate under a standard set of services.  Rather, every day we come face to face with a neighbor in need and set in motion a process to help them find solutions.  It is our privilege to offer hope to those who desperately need it, and it is our hope that those we serve will recognize the hand of God reaching out to meet their needs.
We are consistently challenged to be creative in problem-solving.  In doing so, we are able to address the homeless condition on multiple levels.  We provide support through our own volunteer workforce and a network of community service providers.  Physical, emotional, social, civil, and spiritual needs are all taken into consideration and dealt with comprehensively.  All services are offered free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our Streetreach friends and family.
Physical NeedsWe serve as many as 100 guests for lunch daily.
  • Full-course hot meals-1st & 2nd Thursday  of Month,Calvary Baptist Church, Shallotte   (Showers available)
  • Supplemental food boxes
  • Clothing distributions
  • Personal hygiene packages
  • Blankets, sleeping bags
  • Bicycles - for the homeless
  • Gas vouchers
  • Bus tickets to provide transportation to jobs and families
  • Cold night shelter at Host Churches
  • Emergency shelter arrangements
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Rental assistance to prevent impending homelessness (as funds alot)
  •  Utility bill payment assistance (as funds alot)
  • Urgent health care referrals
  • Emergency prescription assistance
  • Addiction recovery programs
  • Respite Care for homeless released from hospital
Civil Needs
  • Post Office Box and mail services
  • Assistance obtaining birth certificates, photo ID's and other legal documents
  • Personal advocacy for individual rights
  • Job referrals for temporary, part-time and full-time work
Social Needs/Outreach
  • Social skills development
  • Invitations to community events
  • Fourth of July Cookout
  • Back to School Bash
  • Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families
  • Christmas Celebration for the at-risk kids, homeless, and foster kids
  • Visiting the homeless in the woods and providing bagged lunches
  • Frequenting the places where the homeless are known to congregate, offering linkage to resources
  • Checking in on clients when we have cause for concern, wellness checks
  • Housewarming visits to the formerly homeless, offering furniture and needed items
  • Community Give - A-ways  (Free tangible items)
  • Community feeding & shower sites
Spiritual Needs
  • Individual support counseling
  • Intercessory prayer/bible studies
  • Christian fellowship
  • Referrals to Christian based recovery programs