Laundromat Ministry

Laundromat Ministry:

You provide the 'duds' and we provide the 'suds' 

Laundry Outreach ministryFor those who enjoy the privilege of having washers and dryers at home, doing the laundry is usually convenient and effortless. However, for those who need to use laundromats, it can be a boring and monotonous experience, as they need to get loose change, lug their dirty laundry around, and sit and wait for their laundry. This is a laundromat outreach ministry where you provide loose change and refreshments can brighten up people’s day and show them the love of Christ.

Once a month we do a laundromat outreach where we provide rolls of quarters, free detergent, sub sandwiches / packs of cookies or some form of treat.

Thank You Volunteers!
When the Building Hope Ministry van and a team of volunteers first arrived at a Laundromat in Southport, bearing quarters, laundry detergent and sandwiches, they met Matt.    Matt had been living in his car and a motel for the past year.
“Laundry’s on us today,” Garry told him. Matt was surprised that anyone would do such a thing, much less give him a sub sandwich.

The team spent the next two hours paying for people’s laundry, providing detergent and feeding them in the name of Christ. The volunteers had the opportunity to assist the elderly with sorting and folding of laundry, reading the Bible to several while clothes were drying, and just engaging in friendly conversation.  Many asked for prayer.  What a morning!

This is a monthly ministry helping alleviate poor hygiene among lower-income families, homeless or those with mental disabilities. Just a small act of love to our needy in the community.

“Our ultimate goal is to develop intentional, consistent, Jesus-centered relationships while we are serving. That is the most effective way for any of us to see lasting life change."

 Needs List:  Boxed or Plastic containers of detergent, softner, and lots of rolls of quarters.