Job Readiness Progam

Job Readiness Program

This program sets clients up for success in the workplace.  

The Job Readiness program is a 3-day program that we hold at the satellite office in Shallotte. Program is offered at various times of the year, depending on the demand. Homeless guest that we are sheltering have the first opportunity to participate in the program, in hopes of taking a step forward to becoming self-sufficient again. 

It begins by setting expectations for clients , the class, and the future.

 Our goal is to educate the homeless on how to seek  entry level positions , and for Streetreach to  gain a reputation among employers, that when they have a need, they come to Streetreach first.  That we may be able to assist them in filling positions for such jobs as landscaping, construction, food service workers, and more.

The most important characteristic we work on is attitude. Our  class manual teaches skills for finding and keeping a job - character, self-awareness, working independently and as a team, diversity, writing, telephone etiquette, time management, money management, - and that is just on the first day! 

On day two, the focus is on critical steps to securing a job - the search for employment using various forms, the application process, collecting data and writing resumes, cover letters, and the all important interview.   Communication skills are discussed, and complete with role playing.  We seek to teach proper dressing for the interview and the job and often purchase clothing items for clients, along with anger management and respecting others rounds out day 2.

 Day three is taught to realize that his/her actions on the job will impact those who come after them.  Our clients are also taught to think ahead - have a contingency plan. Many do not have vehicles, therefore we want them to make sure job is within walking distance, that they have made arrangements with BTS, or other means of transportation. 

 In this final day, we teach work-ethic, self-motivation, and staying positive.  Understand that the first job is a starting point, and with the right attitude, a stepping stone for  better opportunities, financial independence, permanent housing, and freedom to LIVE, not just SURVIVE. It is a opportunity to move forward. 

 In 2016 we had the privilege to witness 34 individuals receive jobs through Streetreach contacts.  This number may seem small, but it was our first year with this program and we were extremely pleased.