Client's Stories


 We believe that because Jesus never gives up on us, we should in turn never give up on others. We strive to be a steady presence of hope in the community, always ready and welcoming when people decide to make a change in their life. Each day we strive to help people restore their lives and overcome addiction, unemployment, lack of stable housing, and so much more. We are excited to share with you the real life stories of those we serve and celebrate their victories with them. These testimonials also include stories from out volunteers because we find that their lives have also changed through the act of caring for someone else in need. 

The ordinary made extraordinary by you:

1.  Charles...It seemed like a typical scene:  a moving truck, a couple of guys, a key in the lock, and some quick decisions about where to put the couch, which way the bed should face, and where the best light is for the “reading chair.” clientuploads/Client Stories/20130927_MovingMinistry_CharlesTalleyMoveIn_CrescentCommunitiesVolunteers_tmartin-color_200x242.png
But for Charles, there is nothing ordinary about this afternoon.  After a lifetime of drifting in and out of shelters, the streets, and the indulgences of family, Charles is holding the key to his own place for the first time in 20 years. 
He smiles brightly and talks about helping his granddaughter do homework at the donated table and chairs that once furnished a nearby motel.
“I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and sit in that chair next to my lamp, and read the paper and drink my cup of coffee,” Charles says.  “It’s been a real long time since I could do that in peace and quiet.” It’s an ordinary wish he never thought possible when he was labeled “chronically homeless.” 
But on this extraordinary day, Charles has a community collaboration to thank for his fresh start:
  • A Streetreach volunteer caseworker helped Charles locate needed services from other agencies, secure an apartment, and access available benefits. They will continue to counsel him through his transition into permanent housing.
  • Volunteers from Building Hope Ministries provided the manpower and the truck for the move.
  • Several local churches partnered with Streetreach and  provided rent and utility deposits to move-in and invited him to shop  for essentials like a bed, a table and chairs, and couch.
Tomorrow, as he opens up the paper, he will say a silent thank you for all these things you made possible. Your support provided the furniture (and the deposits) that created a home where his granddaughter can visit for the first time.
That’s an extraordinary reason for thanks.

2.  Matt had been living in the woods for the past 14 months  when the Streetreach team came upon him. He was not working, was a veteran suffering with post traumatic stress syndrome. He was very frightened, dirty and confused.  He had no family, no running water or means to cook, other than over an open fire. He lived in a tent with a tarp over it.  After many trips of delivering food,water, clothing and other needed items, a relationship was formed and the team was able to get him to the Veterans Administration for help.  Today, we are happy to say, that he is receiving benefits, has his own apartment and is receiving the medical treatment he deserves.  

While delivering food bags to our homeless in Supply and Bolivia, we stumbled upon a family of four living in their vehicle.  Both parents had lost their jobs, been evicted and afraid to go to Social Services...afraid of losing their children.  They were broken, desperate, hungry and crying out for help.  Fortunately the volunteers were able get them a motel room for the night,showers & dinner, and then on Saturday they were being placed in a 30 day shelter where they could receive counseling and linkage to resources.  Praise God we crossed paths!

Letter Received......My Special Moment................Shelly

In my time of trial, one of my biggest battles was with the love of God. One morning I was sitting at my desk just struggling with this particular issue because of the awful circumstances in my life. As I was questioning God, I felt an impression to go check my mail. When I did there was a card from one of the Streetreach volunteers in my mailbox and it said, “When you are in a trial, one of the enemy’s greatest attacks is to try and convince you that God doesn’t love you.” Inside the card it read, “It’s time for a counterattack-you are loved by God, by me and by many others.” Upon reading those words, I sat and wept because God knew I would be struggling so incredibly that day. He caused that card to go in the mail several days earlier so it would arrive just when I needed it. This was just one of the many times that God did something very special to let me know how much He loved me.

4.  Enoch:  

Enoch often wondered why he was named after a biblical character. It was this intrigue that has led him on a life search for God. “I was reared in a single family home with a lot of love given to me and my older brother by a hard-working mother. We still visited our father, and spent much quality time with him also.” I was taught spiritual things and even made a profession of faith at ten years old. “As I grew up, the things of God did not hold any interest for me. My profession was simply head knowledge, but as I got older my life took a different course. I was a ‘Sunday believer’, not a disciple of Christ.”
Enoch  was adrift in his own world of addiction, and the life that goes along with feeding a hellish habit. His loss of friends to prison and death began to take its toll on his life, but God intervened. “I arrived at the church host site, broken and lost. I stayed in the Streetreach program for three weeks when Jesus saved me , and I truly became a new creature in Christ. I am not the same man I used to be.” True indeed! Enoch  is not the same man he used to be! When asked if he knew what his name meant, he spoke with a smile, “It means ‘dedicated’. I am dedicated to Christ and to my recovery. He wants me in His ministry full time, and that is to His glory!” Enoch is now living in the  Life Center in Raleigh, and has recently gained employment. He plans to be certified as an advocate for people that are recovering from substance abuse.

5.  Jerry

Jerry first turned to drugs while serving in Vietnam to help silence the pain and suffering he endured on a daily basis overseas. Unfortunately, returning to civilian life as a decorated veteran was more difficult than he had anticipated, and after Jerry returned home, his drug use continued to escalate. It became harder and harder for Jerry to cope with day-to-day struggles, and he soon became an addict.

Jerry quickly ran out of money and turned to violence and robbery to fuel his bad habits. He lied to his family, lost his job, and did nothing to stop his life from spinning out of control. Eventually, he ended up in jail and at that point, he didn’t care about anything or anyone. Thankfully, while incarcerated, someone from our ministry saw something in him and gave him a second chance


We operate under a unique philosophy for helping hurting people and transforming lives. We call it “No Walls Necessary.” Our Street Team meets on the streets for people on the streets. In the New Testament, the church was never meant to be limited by space or location; there are no walls necessary to be a healthy community of faith. We will  promote Christian community at each of these gatherings through the teaching of the Word, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer.

Feeding and sharing Jesus on the streets!