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Love compels us to see neglected and hurting people through the lens of the gospel. Your church can begin to address their overwhelming need and share the gospel, offering help and hope.

Streetreach is changing lives in the name of Christ by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need, with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens. But we can not do what we do without your prayers and support.

 As followers of Christ, our first mission is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Flowing out of that devotion is our second mission, to love our neighbors in a way that shows we truly take our first mission seriously.

The neediest among us have come to our door, and God has given us the responsibility to provide assistance that is mostly lacking in our community.  When the homeless arrive at our church doors, they’re  poor, hungry, sick, sleepless, afraid and lonely.They can see no way out of their circumstances.

But your support gives them a hot meal, a safe haven with a bed, a warm shower, and a welcoming smile. Often, these simple acts of compassion help individuals take their first steps toward a life free of shame, homelessness and hopelessness. It is your partnership with Streetreach that we all become a safety net for those during a time of crisis.

Statistics: We saw a large increase in need in 2014

  •  Provided 215 nights of  Sheltering Services to 47 different homeless individuals during Jan-March 15.2014 @ church host sites 

    ·         Provided 14 nights of Sheltering Services in office during year   
    ·         Average stay at sites:  3-4 days
    ·         Nights in motels paid for:  41 nights / 29 individuals 
    ·         Total Nights of sheltering for year 270 / for 84 individuals
    ·         Transported 29 to Wilmington area Shelters and 17 to Horry County, SC (due to State Building Code Council's new law not allowing sheltering of the homeless in churches during November & December 2014)
  • January 2015 - October 1, 2015 Streetreach has provided over 412 emergency overnight stays for over 103 individuals.  This does not include rental & utilities assistance to prevent evictions or referrals to shelters in other counties. 

Become a Network Congregation
At the core of most faith traditions is the prophetic call to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. The Interfaith Sheltering Network allows congregations of all faiths in the Brunswick County area to respond to the needs of homeless families in a coordinated way. It provides the opportunity to draw together in shared mission an interfaith community that builds hope and touches the lives of both those who volunteer and those whom they serve. 

There are three ways to become a Network Congregation:

1.  Host Churches

Host Congregations provide lodging, meals and caring hospitality for homeless individuals once or twice a year for 5 straight days ( Monday evening - Saturday morning). Guests arrive at the church around 5:00 p.m. and depart in the morning around 7:30 a.m. Each host church has a shelter captain to arrange for meals and volunteers to serve the Guests while they are staying at the Host Church.

1or 2 times a year the HOST CHURCH will have: Picture
  • 1 to 6 homeless individuals housed in church facilities
  • Two individuals over 18 must stay overnight at your church (5:00PM to 7AM.)
  • Five  nights (Monday evening to Saturday Morning.) 
  • Church provides the evening dinner and a simple breakfast 
  • Showers are a plus, but not required
  • requires very little space, usually all can be done in 1 room

2.   Support Churches

A small church, a Sunday School class or a Church Service organization can provide much needed services by working with a Host Church during their hosting week. A Support Church might provide meals or volunteers to serve as Evening or Overnight Hosts one or more times during the week. Support churches may come to the host sites and offer a short devotional, game, movie or just fellowship.  Call the shelter captain ahead of time to make arrangements. 

3.  Contributing Churches
Contributing Congregations provide Streetreach with much needed funds for operating the Interfaith program and  providing supportive services to our Guests.


Streetreach provides:

  • Intake Screening for Guests for drugs, alcohol and violence.
  • Folding cots &  pillows, linens, hygiene bags: delivered to you on Sunday of Host Week
  • We will come into your church and set the entire site up
  • Weekly Planning Forms to document all the tasks and people needed that week.
  • Training and orientation for Coordinators, the church and all volunteers 
  • Streetreach will even stay overnight if your volunteers are not comfortable with it.  

    The "We Believe" declaration


    in every child growing up in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

    ... in elders living in security and dignity.

    ... in healthy family life being affirmed and supported in our communities.

    ... in every person having the right to a safe, affordable place to call home.

    ... in compassion, love and respect for all people,
    especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

    ... in joining with others to change the systems
    which oppress, discriminate or otherwise cause human suffering.

    ...  in volunteers working in an environment
    which offers respect, teamwork and excellence.
    ... in all these for all people, whatever their color,
    whatever language they speak or however they worship.

    When you make our mission your own, through faithful prayers and giving this year ... you will give the hungry and homeless hope through emergency care, safe nights of sleep, life-changing programs and more.

    Give today and help end homelessness ... one life, one family at a time!