Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lives are being touched.....

Since January 2018 till November 1, 2018

Your support of Streetreach really adds up!
  • 102 individuals have received over 532 emergency overnight stays  
  • 38 children have remained with their families during sheltering
  • 137 housing referrals been made 
  • Utilities paid for 27 individuals 
  • 28 fans distributed to seniors & those without a/c 
  • Nearly 232 cases of waters have been distributed during the sweltering heat/ 150 cases distributed during hurricane Florence & Michael 
  • Hundreds of meals have been served at 3 different locations 
  • Countless showers & change of clothing at 2 different sites
  • Countless food cards, clothing items and other tangible items have been distributed 
  • Tarpped 40 roofs for the hurricane victims 
  • Did repairs on 11 individuals / families homes

Brunswick County Streetreach would like to say thank you to groups and organizations who have provided recent financial donations. All funds go directly to help people in need here in Brunswick County.   We do want to extend a special "THANK YOU!" to Ocean Ridge Charities for all their help during the hurricane.