Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Reminder that school is right around the corner and many of our needy families can't afford backpacks filled with supplies.   With your generous donations we will be giving over 300 filled backpacks away August 18 & 19th.   This would not be possible without the support of St. Philips Episcopal Church, Building Hope Ministries and Ocean Ridge Charities.  

Since January 2018 till today (August 1st) 

Your support of Streetreach really adds up!
  • 82 individuals have received over 515 emergency overnight stays 
  • 4 individuals have resided on our property for over 4 months and 1 couple has now been with us for 14 months. 
  • 38 children have remained with their families during sheltering
  • 134 housing referrals been made 
  • Utilities paid for 23 individuals 
  • 28 fans distributed to seniors & those without a/c 
  • Nearly 132 cases of waters have been distributed during the sweltering heat 
  • Hundreds of meals have been served at 3 different locations 
  • Countless showers & change of clothing at 2 different sites
  • 135 housing referrals
  • Countless food cards, clothing items and other tangible items have been distributed