Friday, March 3, 2017

As I look back at the last 12 months, I’m amazed at the incredible things the Lord has done and full of holy expectation for what HE will do in 2017.

During this last year, we were able to reach many more people than in years past, due to having a satellite office located in the Shallotte area  – and by God’s grace, the people we reach / reached are being powerfully impacted through the love of God's people. What an amazing day to be alive in the service of the King!

This year we will continue to seek direction and guidance on how to improve our programs, meet more needs and seek new ways to unite the body of Christ. 

Assisting with housing / job searches
Our greatest need for the upcoming year is of course a new ministry van, and 4 door truck  (van is 12years old & z71 Truck is now 23 years old and they have served us well!) 

We desperately need the truck to transport our trailer and supplies and the Van is used to transport homeless & volunteers. We will continue to keep this in much prayer and so desire yours.  

We are humbly grateful for our partners, and for the work God is doing in the lives of countless individuals.  As we look to the exciting future of this ministry, we are dependent on your participation so that more lives may be restored during the year.